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Reverse Mortgage Leads
Target Publishers is the superior reverse mortgage lead source for reverse mortgage lenders. We initiate, develop and educate senior homeowners through the power of our telemarketing to deliver customers that are educated, motivated and qualified.
Our national telemarketing campaigns and follow-up programs leverage our expertise in national advertising to provide you and your team with exclusive reverse mortgage leads.

Target Publishers cuts your risk of advertising and marketing to give small, medium and large companies the same level of professional credibility as large banks.

We eliminate the risk of local advertising by producing, creating and distributing all of the program's advertising and marketing materials.

In turn, we deliver pre-qualified, fixed-cost reverse mortgage leads with conversion rates that meet or beat industry standards. And as the lower-cost leader in reverse mortgage leads, you'll find a higher return on investment and great longevity.

Each Reverse Mortgage Lead Includes* -

Pre-Screened — We ensure that all leads meet age and home ownership criteria.

Exclusive — The leads you receive are yours and yours alone - there's no competition for your lead's attention.

Pre-Educated — Our call-agents provide general familiarity with the basics of a reverse mortgage, making your sales conversion that much easier.

Familiar With Your Company — We send out each video with a cover letter addressed from your company - with your contact information.

Motivated to Move Forward – Your Reverse Mortgage customer is educated and empowered to move forward with you because we include a referral to a non-profit, HUD-Approved credit counselor in their area.

Very cost-effective form of marketing with consistent response rates.




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