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Targetpublishers provides Mortgage Leads, Internet leads, Exclusive online Mortgage Marketing leads, Debt consolidation.  

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A borrower has just completed a 1003 mortgage loan application in your area.

This triggers a profile match in our system from the credit bureaus.


Their information is sent to you  within 24 hours from the time their credit is pulled.










You receive the Trigger Data and Make contact with the borrower to discuss their loan options.

Mortgage Trigger Lead Features:

Select 24-Hour Mortgage Trigger Leads from all 50 states!
Select your credit scores along with 45 FREE filters!
Always rest assure you are reaching the right market with information verified by the credit reporting agencies.

Mortgage Trigger Leads:

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500 Lead

1000 Lead


2500 Lead

5000 Lead


10,000 Lead

25,000 or More Leads:

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Mortgage Trigger Acquisition Leads

Want to know who is in the market for a new mortgage right now? Or who just had their credit pulled within the last 24 hours?

24-Hour Mortgage Trigger Leads coming direct from the credit bureau and delivered exclusively from Target Publishers. This trigger data is a highly effective marketing tool for boosting industry sales into high gear and without any question have quickly become one of the hottest mortgage lead trends for lenders across the U.S.  


A Revolutionary Way In Lender Referral Solutions!

With our 24-Hour Mortgage Trigger Leads we connect you with mortgage borrowers who have just had their credit checked specifically for a mortgage loan approval within the past 24 hours. With all leads filtered prior to purchase, so each person receives a pre-approval offer of credit. You have the opportunity to give them a better offer and in turn watch your loan origination increase dramatically. 

Until now, this type of data was only available to companies that were able to make a long-term commitment to the credit bureaus. Now anyone in the mortgage industry can take advantage of this new, revolutionary service that quickly connects you with the right borrowers at exactly the right moment in the loan process.

By using
24-Hour Mortgage Trigger Leads you are now in full control of your sales! You receive the most recent and up to the minute information on every borrower in your area who is inquiring about a loan. We have found that the 24-Hour Mortgage Trigger Leads have provided our clients with exceptionally accurate data through a service that is literally error proof and unmatched with any of it's kind.

Wouldn't you rather work with only serious borrowers and eliminate ones that are just merely shopping? Of course you would and this service allows you to target data much more aggressively and be able to speak only with serious borrowers who qualify for your programs. 

Here are just a few of the filters included:


Credit Scores LTV Rate (Loan-to-Value)
States & Geographic Regions Loan Types
Current Open Mortgage Balance Bankruptcy Presence
Mortgage Origination Date Monthly Mortgage Payment
Amount of Revolving Debt Property Types
...and many more. Over 45 FREE filters available! Target your data exactly how you want it all at no extra charge.


Come Take a closer look at what makes us the mortgage lead specialists and experience why small and large mortgage companies choose Target Publishers to handle their marketing needs!


To order
24-Hour Mortgage Trigger Leads in your states simply click on the order now button below or call (877) 903-2121 to speak with a friendly marketing consultant today!


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